East Elevation and Terrace - Morning
East Elevation and Terrace - Detail
Entry and South Elevation
South Elevation Wall Detail
Gunkcrete and Rock - Detail
Main Interpretive Room
Interpretive Mural and Exhibit - Vertical
Interior Gunkcrete Flake
Interior Crevasse with Timber and Gunkcrete Flake
Timber Framing Detail with Steel
East Elevation - Twilight
Front Entry Elevation - Twilight
Front Elevation - Evening
Main Entry and Welcome Desk - Twilight
Sam's Point Floor Plan
Steel and Gunkcrete Construction Drawings
Umbrella Roof Details
Sam's Point Ice Cave Crevasse
Axonometric Assembly Drawings
Gunkcrete and Framing Detail
Timber and Gunkcrete Framing - Morning Fog

Sam’s Point Interpretive Center

American Institute of Architects (AIA) – Honor Award for Architectural Design – 2006
American Institute of Architects (AIA) Award for Sustainability

Designed for The Nature Conservancy, this center provides support services for staff and visitors using the 5,000+ acre Sam’s Point Preserve. The building is designed as an extension of the landscape where natural materials focus the visitor on the relationships between the geology of the cliffs and the rare dwarf pine to which the Preserve is home.

The building dissolves the normal boundaries between the site and the structure in order to heighten the sense of integration. Concrete flooring, masonry walls and structural timber framing all pass seamlessly from interior to exterior. The primary wall material is a custom-designed system of massive pre-cast concrete masonry blocks dubbed “Gunk-Crete.” Made from a custom mix of colored white concrete and quartzite aggregates, the masonry is similar to the local conglomerate limestone that defines the Preserve’s geology.

The architectural design, site planning, materials and building systems, all designed in accordance with the LEED standards developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), demonstrate energy-efficient, sustainable building practices that are practical and affordable. The building received LEED certification in 2007.

Location: Cragsmoor, NY
Square Footage:3,500 f2

Location:Cragsmoor, NY
Size:3,000 ft2
Awards:AIA Honor Award for Architectural Design, 2005
AIA Sustainable Design Award, 2005
LEED Certified 2007