Who We Are

Founded in the Hudson Valley and New York City in 1986, Bialecki Architects (BA) is a nationally recognized architectural design firm specializing in sustainable building designs inspired by the natural environment. The principal and founder of the practice, Matthew Bialecki, AIA, has been honored with numerous design awards for his unique architectural designs and pioneering sustainable building technologies that merge his buildings and interiors with the landscape, natural environments and communities that surrounding them. Over a 30 year history of architectural practice BA has demonstrated a constant commitment to an architecture of simplicity and sustainability; an architecture that minimizes energy use, utilizes natural materials and attempts, at all levels, to help improve, not degrade, our environment. BA believes in an architecture that provokes an appreciation of all the elements of our planet and inspires our clients to build an architecture that is as beautiful as it is sustainable.

As a recognized leader in the development and construction of high performance building technologies, Matthew Bialecki has developed sustainable building systems and performance strategies, construction details and methodologies that are at the forefront of the Green Building revolution. BA is committed to not only providing an organic, sustainable architectural design of the highest quality but sustainable building technologies that are efficient and affordable.