Historic Restoration

Bialecki Architect’s approach to the adaptive reuse of historic buildings is defined by an appreciation of the inherent richness and value of historic and culturally significant structures. BA uses a process of analysis and creative design to celebrate the great value that these structures bring to our communities.

Historic Research

Research is conducted to locate applicable historic drawings, photographs and written documentation that will assist in determining the buildings period of Historic Significance as defined by the US Dept of the Interior Guidelines.

Documentation of Existing Conditions

BA uses available historic and contemporary drawings along with actual field measurements to prepare accurate existing conditions drawings and illustrative studies summarizing the culturally significant features of the original building as well as changes over time.

Survey of Existing Conditions

Surveys are made to confirm the type and condition of all building systems and materials. A of conditions report is made, highlighting critical restoration issues which will impact costs and methods of restoration. Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) standards are followed in the preparation of documents for significant structures.

Selection of Restoration Methods

Critical components requiring significant restoration efforts are analyzed with regard to alternate restoration and repair strategies. Costs and benefits are weighed in order to develop an appropriate plan and schedule for implementation.