Living Room and Entry - Evening
East Elevation - Morning
Main Entry East Elevation
Master Bedroom Northeast Corner
North Elevation
West elevation and Terrace
Living Room from Exterior
Living Room
Dining & Kitchen
Master Bedroom Interior
Glass House West Terrace - Twilight
West Elevation from Below - Twilight
Living Room and Pool - Twilight
Front Entry Evening

Glass House

American Institute of Architects (AIA) – Honor Award for Architectural Design – 2013

On a sheer rock cliff high in the Catskill mountains, the AIA Award winning Glass House floats above the raw landscape and brings you closer to the sky. Inspired by the iconic glass houses of the mid-century, this homage breaks the fixed geometries of the past and bends to the topography of the landscape creating a uniquely site specific interpretation. As the house follows the rock face of the cliff, the panoramic views are framed and terraces created that embrace the site. With nautical precision, the bipartite plan divides the house into public and private areas around a spacious entry.

The Glass House building envelope and glass walls are a remarkable achievement in energy efficiency and coupled with a state of the art heating and cooling systems achieve a LEED rating and meet all NYS Energy Code requirements.

Location: Olive, NY
Completed: 2016
Square Footage: 3,500 f2