North Elevation - Entry
Aerial View
West Elevation - View from Drive
South Elevation - Living Room
Living Room

Guest House

Sited in a pine forest growing on a high plateau of fractured bluestone, the Guest House is inspired and formed by the random fissures of this geology. Rising directly from the underlying bluestone, the random angled walls of board formed concrete, with large exposed aggregates form the base of the house. These walls of geology are then covered in large rough sawn timbers harvested from the site, forming a structural canopy for a green roof planted with lichens and ferns from the surrounding forest.

The Guest House is a pure model of the ideal home. From geology, the walls are shaped and formed from the earth. From with the landscape, the roof is formed by the botany, by the very trees on the site. From light, the spaces are enclosed in transparent glass. Geology, Botany, Transparency.

Location: Shandaken, NY
Square Footage: 2,400 ft2