Entry Facade
View from Moss Garden
View from Southwest
Aerial View from Southwest
View from Alcove
View from Study
Interior of Bridge
View from Kitchen to Living Area
Site Geology Fractured Bluestone
Concept Plan Sketch
Concept Floor Plan and Section with Raindrop Skylights
Main Floor Plan, Preliminary Sketch
Final Floor Plan, Main Level
Roof Plan

Folded Glass House

Designed for a densely wooded promontory overlooking a broad view of the Catskill Mountains, this home evokes the essence of its site with a highly fractured structural floor plan. The house features an integrated “pleated” glass wall which creates an almost crystalline series of compositions centered around a fern garden. A green roof and locally harvested heavy timbers complete the physical and sculptural integration with the property.

Location:Olive, NY
Size:4,500 ft2